What can a CAIS do for you?

Certified agricultural irrigation specialists manage and operate on-farm irrigation systems. Understand surface irrigation methods and pressurized systems, including micro-irrigation and sprinklers.Evaluate crops and determine water availability and use requirements. Understand soil-plant-water relationships and how salinity affects irrigation. Select the most effective irrigation methods and equipment for the application. Develop efficient and cost-effective irrigation schedules that meet the crop’s water requirement. .

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PCA Liason Services and what that means.

Pest Control Advisers (PCAs) are licensed professional production consultants who serve California agriculture producers. PCAs specialize in pest management, but they are also an important resource in a wide range of production concerns related to plant health. A PCA is licensed by the State of California to engage in the following activities: Provide pest management recommendations, which must be in writing. Hold self as an authority on any agricultural use. Solicit sales of products or services for agricultural use.